Thursday, October 28, 2010

English 1-repost from FB madam shafinas..

Students dearie, please refresh your memory on the three Mak Ciks (Mak Cik Be, Mak Cik Have and Mak Cik Do) and the names of their children from their many husbands (Pak Cik Past, Pak Cik Present and Pak Cik Future).

Simple Present Tense: When you walk alone (singular) you need Superman to walk you home.If you already have a friend with you (plural) then you do not need Superman.

Positive Statement : Cheah is a girl.
Question Form: Is Cheah a girl?
Negative Statement : Cheah is not a girl.

Past Tense: It is like giving plastic surgery to normal verbs. Some verbs are beautiful just by adding some things ie: walk - walked) but some need a major overhaul (eat - ate).

Positive Statement: Acik went to the Zoo yesterday.
Question Form: Acik go to the Zoo yesterday?
Negative Statement: Acik didn't go to the Zoo yesterday.