Monday, November 1, 2010

second RePost English

When constructing (making) a question, when do you use 'DO' and when do you use 'DOES'? When do you use 'IS'?

Errors during your presentation:
"What's time now?" - What is the time now?
"Yes, I very hungry!" - Yes, I am very hungry!
"Read something else at there." - Read something else there.
"What did you eat? Soap." - What did you eat? I ate soup.

"Do you fasting today?" - Are you fasting today?
"My mother is nurse." - My mother is a nurse.
"My mother not work." - My mother is not working.
"What your father occupation" - What is your father's occupation?

‎"We go to library." - We shall go to the library.
"My little daughters not have money." - My little daughters do not have any money.
"You know my number phone?" - Do you know my phone number?/ Do you have my phone number?
"You must back early" - You must come back early.

"How big you!" - You are so big!
"Very sharp you!" - You are very sharp!
"We serve sea food, fast food and cook food. Food to eat" - We serve all kinds of food!.
"Thank you for the coming to my restaurant." - Thank you for coming to my restaurant.

‎"I don't know where the directions." - I don't know the direction.
"Why you all late come my house?" - Why are you late coming to my house?
"I want to marry. Don't waste my time!." - I want to get married. Don't waste my time.

‎"Are you have girlfriend?" - Do you have a girlfriend?
"Why do you like to eat?" - What would you like to eat? / What do you like?
"I'm like to eat Mee Goreng." - I like to eat fried noodles.
"I want go home." - I want to go home / I would like to go home.

"Where are you buy this?" - Where did you buy this?
"Before you married." - Before you were married / Before you got married.
"What's you job?" - What's your job?
"These are my friends. This is from India. This is from Malaysia. This is from Chinese" - These are my friends. She is from India. She is from Malaysia and she from China. (Chinese is for language and Nationality)

"Cup of kopi pleaase." - Could I have a cup of coffee please?"
"My daughter will tiup the cake." - My daughter will blow out the candles on the cake.
"When is future husband for our daughter." - Who is our daughter's future husband?
"You can back you home!" - You can go back home!